12 Steps To Release Emotions & Limiting Beliefs With Colour

Are you searching for a powerful technique to help you to release unhealthy patterns so that you can start to live the life of your dreams?

I run regular colour therapy sessions as part of my ‘The Art Of Letting Go!’ workshops in Rockingham. This transformational course offers a nurturing environment enabling you to express yourself whilst releasing limiting beliefs, patterns and emotions.

This technique extremely effective and it always has a long-lasting, positive impact on the participants.


  1. Set an intention for the emotion, belief, behaviour or situation you are hoping to transform.

  2. Use masking tape to secure some A3 watercolour paper to a board. Prepare your water, brushes, watercolour paints and get your art palette out.

  3. Wet the paper with water until it is fully coated.

  4. Intuitively select the colours you are drawn to for your first piece based on how you feel.

  5. Remember it is the process that is important and not the end product!

  6. Using your paintbrush cover the paper with the colours you have selected in whatever way you feel is applicable. Be random. Use sweeping strokes or little dabs. Try different sized brushes, use a sponge or even your fingers.

  7. Write your thoughts and feelings down in a journal and prepare your next paper on the board ready for the next painting

  8. Select a person, animal or place that possesses the qualities that you desire which will transform your current feelings into something more uplifting in relation to your original intention. This can be anyone or anything from the past, present or future. It can be someone you know, a fictitious character, a film star, an animal, a flower, a place, a planet…anything that feels right to you.

  9. Breathe in the qualities of your selected archetype deep into your being.

  10. Return to your board and paper and intuitively select the colours you are drawn to now. You may find that you are attracted to different colours this time. Go with whatever feels right to you. Apply the colours to the paper in any manner you choose. It can be in spatters, stripes, bubbles, crosses, a face, a flower, a fish, a sky, just express whatever you are feeling with a spectrum of colour.

  11. Write down how you feel now in your journal in as much detail as possible.

Try this experiment at home and remember to set aside a few hours of your time to get the most out of it.

For the best results continue this process for the full thirty day period as it takes this long to make a habit or break a habit. Let me know how you get on it comments below…


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