Chakra Essences – BLUE THROAT

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Chakra Essences – BLUE THROAT


This new and improved range of Dreemtime Essences is vibrational medicine at its best. The Throat remedy is a unique blend of Australian Bush Flower Essences, water (that has been infused with blue light) and brandy.

Use this remedy when you want to sharpen up your clarity of communication and strengthen your will. The throat connects the heart to the mind so the essence enables you to speak your truth (from your heart) and express it verbally with conviction and free of critical judgement.

It also helps overcome fear of speaking, stuttering, gossiping and lying and promotes profound healing and creative expression.

Works on the throat, neck, jaw, menstrual cycle, arms, digestive tract, vocal chords, ears, nose, mouth, thyroid and parathyroid.

30ml bottle.

Dreemtime – Energy Remedies with Colour Power!


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Place 7 drops under your tongue (or apply topically) first thing in the morning and last thing at night (at Dreemtime). Set your intention when you consume to the outcome you desire and then relax and expect the results to manifest quickly.