Chakra Essences – SOUL STAR

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Chakra Essences – SOUL STAR


This new and improved range of Dreemtime Essences is vibrational medicine at its best. The Soul Star remedy is a unique blend of Australian Bush Flower Essences, water (that has been infused with magenta light) and brandy.

Use this remedy when you want to align with the cosmic cycles and experience unity on all levels of existence.

The Soul Star Chakra opens the door to the Stellar Gateway so that we can receive refined and pure information and wisdom from the Ministry of Angels and extraterrestrials.

It also assists us to experience the light in all of its magnificence and can aid with the process of crossing over.

30ml bottle.

Dreemtime – Energy Remedies with Colour Power!


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Place 7 drops under your tongue (or apply topically) first thing in the morning and last thing at night (at Dreemtime). Set your intention when you consume to the outcome you desire and then relax and expect the results to manifest quickly.