Colour Therapy Necklace

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Colour Therapy Necklace


Hand crafted, made to order, glass colour therapy necklaces. To discover which colour combination is beneficial for you simply add up all of the numbers in your date of birth and reduce to a single digit (aside from if your comes to 10, 11 or 22 in which case you leave as is). Please note in Pythagorean Numerology there is no Ruling Number 1 so please leave as a 10.

Colours are:

2 – The Moon – Pale Blue over Blue

3 – Jupiter – Coral over Coral

4 – Uranus – Yellow over Deep Green

5 – Mercury – Green over Green

6 – Venus – Pink over Pink

7 – Neptune – Pale Turquoise over Turquoise

8 – Saturn – Lilac over Violet

9 – Mars – Red over Orange

10 – The Wheel Of Fortune – Gold over Olive

11- Duality – Deep Magenta over Clear

22 – Deep Magenta over Magenta

If you get stuck on your calculations, please email me at

Please note that these items can take 3-4 weeks to arrive.


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