G23 – Acceptance

G23 – Acceptance


The first of the Coral Gaia bottles is clear over
coral, mirroring the very first Gaia bottle which was clear over copper.
We were looking for clarity in our journey on the planet and beginning
to understand that although we were part of the Divine, we were also
part of the planet, but we could still look at the planet and the Divine
and pretend that all of that was somehow outside of us.

Now we are looking at coral which is a colour that takes us into ourselves in the
deepest, most intimate way and we are asked to claim every single
thing “out there” as an aspect of ourselves; not just in our expanded
soul-selves but right into the cells of our physical bodies. The body is
where the new spirituality has to be experienced. This bottle is called

That is the big ask. Can we accept that we, in these
strange physical vehicles, are God, Earth and All That Is? That these
physical forms are in a very real way God, Spirit, Divine and
Universal? Here, we are being asked not to think it but to be it, and to
accept fully that we are all that is. With acceptance comes the
potential for a fully enlightened state of being in a physical body which
is truly the only place we can experience such an event. This bottle
reminds us of the state of innocence we all hold within us.


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