G26 – Alignment

G26 – Alignment


The clear fraction in the bottom of this bottle
relates to the Water element and all that we keep in the emotional
body. Here we have the complete transparency of everything that we
have held in the depths of ourselves. Now we can access it easily with
the support of the Water Element. As it clears all our fears of being
“just” human and not God, we can find alignment with our true selves
and our inner light will be reflected by our Divine light.

The key here is to remember that we have always had this light within. This bottle is a
perfect mirror of our truth. We are Divine light within a human body
and here we realise that what we have seen as human and therefore
not Divine is now reflected in the coral as Christed human. We just
had to re-member it into perfect alignment.

This bottle helps us bring all our aspects into one cohesive whole. It
vertically aligns us, bringing heaven and earth into our bodies so that
we no longer see them as something separate from us. It brings left
and right, female and male together, and it aligns us horizontally as we
connect future and past so that we understand that where we are is
the present, and that the past and future are just aspects of the
continual now moment. Feel the joy.


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