G27 – Unity

G27 – Unity


With the diamond clarity and sparkle of this bottle
we get to see ourselves in a mirror that reflects all of who we are – all
of our colours, all of our beauty and the vastness of our cosmic
connection and Oneness with All That Is. This is the light of
Ascension made physical; this is the light body. In a system called
Colour Mirrors this bottle is the clearest truest mirror of who we really
are and what we are about.

We are Divine light condensed into
physical form having a human experience. All that we have ever
been or ever will be is Divine Perfection. In remembering that, we
can finally live our truth that we have never been separate from one
another or from Source. Finally we can live in the oneness our spirits
have always known.

This is the light of Melchizedek, who has been
the over-lighting energy of the system since the beginning. Diamond
Unicorn, with its perfect crystalline purity, grace and boundless love,
is the perfect partner to this bottle, representing the Ether or spirit
element which supports it.


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