G9 – Faith

G9 – Faith


As we move from the darkness of G8 we suddenly get a
new vision. At the end of the dark tunnel there is a light and this light is
turquoise and gold and indicates our new state. We are now connected to
our authentic golden Divine power through our turquoise faith. It is the faith
that moved us through the dark tunnel back into the light. Without the faith
we would not have survived the dark night of the soul – in fact we would not
have needed to go into it.

It was our faith that took us there, knowing that
there was another level, closer to the Divine, closer to our Divine selves.
The turquoise over gold reconnects us to the flow and the trust that
everything is on track and part of the Divine plan. It takes us beyond trust,
and into the truth that we are Divine and that everything we have
experienced was Divine and therefore perfect. This colour combination
indicates the teacher of the ancient truths in a new way. We are connecting
to the golden age and are able to access the information of the past in a
new way. This is the beginning of the opening of the hall of records.


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