12 -Heaven On Earth

12 -Heaven On Earth


In the Tarot number 12 is the Hangman which
is a man hanging upside down but with this bottle we have the colours
the right way up. We have the violet above the red and so heaven
above earth. We also have the crown above the base, implying that
everything in between those two is also in its proper place. And yet
with this bottle we are asked to look at what we believe about our
world that is not perfect. This bottle helps us clear all our beliefs about
where the world has not lived up to our expectations of perfection.

It provides us with the opportunity to look at what we are still judging as
not heaven and therefore not of God. Where are we not perfect and
where is the world not perfect? What is keeping us from living in
heaven on earth? Use this bottle and let it show you what your core
belief is that is keeping you from living a perfect life.


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