Numerology Report

Numerology Report


Order an incredibly accurate Numerology Report to discover your soul purpose, personality blueprint, strengths and weaknesses, peak years of maturity and best times to embark on new projects and ventures.



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Personalised Numerology Report

Order a personalised Numerology Report to discover your soul purpose, personality blueprint and your strengths and weaknesses. All I need is your/their birth name and date of birth and I will generate a full Numerology Report in 3-4 days.

Reports and Readings go into lots of detail. They cover elements like your Ruling Number, Arrows of Individuality, Year Cycle Number, Day Number, Personality Colour Number, Soul Urge Number, Outer Expression Number and beneficial Colour Alignments.

You will literally walk away with greater clarity, purpose and direction.

I will also include suggestions of which of the Dreemtime Chakra Essences, Colour Mirrors Essence Sprays and Colour Numerology Necklaces are most appropriate to rebalance your birth-chart and leave your feeling more empowered.

Please email me your date of birth and ‘living name’ (the name you like to go by) to