Starseed Numerology Report

Starseed Numerology Report


An incredibly accurate, hand-crafted Starseed Numerology Report to discover your starry origins and soul purpose, personality blueprint, strengths and weaknesses, peak years of maturity and best times to embark on new projects and ventures.



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⭐️👽Starseed Numerology Report👽⭐️

My hand-crafted, 22-page Colour Numerology Reports are still on special for only $59 AUD

Reports take approximately 3-5 business days to create.

You will discover:

⭐️Starseed origins
⭐️Soul purpose
⭐️Strengths and weaknesses
⭐️Best times to embark on new projects
⭐️Personality blueprint
⭐️Peak years of maturity
⭐️Key astrological attributes
⭐️Beneficial Colour Mirrors influences
⭐️How to rebalance your energetic bodies

and much, much more…

“Just wanted to reach out quick and say thanks, Chad and I got our Starseed numerology reports last wk and you NAILED IT for both of us. It was fascinating to read..he was totally an Andromedan and I’m 100% Hyaidan Thanks again for these, they were spot on..we really appreciate your work..thanks again…many blessings!” Brandee
“I am so inspired by my Starseed Numerology Report with Hayden from Dreemtime Academy. Such profound Wisdom. He offers ancient knowledge and wisdom which is far superior to anything I have known so far. I am grateful to learn of my star origins. I have always been attracted to Melchizedek and the teachings of this order. To discover my cosmological origins. I am totally in awe!” Katerina
Please email with your date, time and place of birth AND your ‘living name’ and I will do the rest!