Starseed Awakening Process

Rediscover Your Starry Origins

Report – Regress – Reconnect

Your journey of self-discovery is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Which star constellation do you feel an affinity with?

Are you Andromedan, Arcturian, Pleiadian, Lyran, Sirian, Hyadian, Orion or Alpha Draconian?

As an ancient, immortal being of light, you are currently living out a temporary human experience. Your soul exists simultaneously across numerous different dimensions, parallel universes and star systems. Tap into your true limitless potential and align with your higher consciousness.

This incredible 3 step process will help you to rediscover your starry origins and heal the traumas of your past life experiences so that you can experience life with more freedom, joy and purpose.

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Only AUD 399

or GBP 217 / USD 301

The sessions are conducted by Zoom so you can relax in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, whilst the transformation occurs.


Step 1 - REPORT

I will create your individual Starseed Numerology Report to identify your Soul origins.

Step 2 - REGRESS

Explore and release the source of deep, spiritual trauma with Quantum Past Life Regression. (Duration: 90 minutes)


Heal the wounds with a combination of Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy so that you can reawaken to your true purpose and mission. (Duration: 90 minutes)




“Thought to share with you some of the significant changes happening since Vrillon from the Ashtar Command led me to you. I’m speaking from the place where I know truth without my mind necessarily understanding it, so please forgive me if the actual English words don’t carry that meaning well.

The last 11 days have involved the integration of more expansion than all my past Earth days put together. I expected to hit a wall of rejection, but it hasn’t happened yet. Will you help me hold this next bit? I’m in process of setting down the story of the little me, I feel the tearing, and even when I use the word “I” now to refer to myself, I really mean “we”. I am stepping away from the labels, roles, and stories of Cassie, but I am aware there will be a vacuum that will try and fill that space with other layers of story.

As this unfolds, I want to be vigilant and keep centered on what we are becoming now, not what we may have been however helpful those details may be. The inner integrity demands that the core of my Truth unfolds from my own center first, as I know you understand. Vrillon has led me to my star family, of that, I have no doubt.

So I speak to you as a star sibling, that I am ready to create a world that has never been seen before. Thank you for your love, patience, guidance, and energy as this transition reaches a new phase. It means so much to have you here with me now. I’m ready to finish waking up so I can get to work! This is going to be so much fun.”
Cassie Walsh